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Best car I've ever driven logo 4/26/2015 jrazem

I only drive fun cars. I used to drive a '06 Audi S4, my wife drives a BMW 335i with the sports package, and after reading so many glowing reviews of the Fiesta ST, I decided to give one a spin and then easily decided to replace my Subaru WRX STi. The Fiesta ST is not only better than all those cars but also far cheaper. There aren't many instances where you can replace something more expensive with something less expensive and have a better product in the end, but this is one of those times. The Fiesta ST actually does live up to its hype - it is that good. If you enjoy driving and love fun to drive cars, there is no more fun that can be had in any other car - no matter the price.

Favorite Feature : I love that this car sacrifices nothing in the name of performance. Steering, handling, transmission (so silky smooth), and brakes are all excellent. The engine has power from bottom to the top end and loves to rev - and that engine note is fantastic. And I know there's a lot controversy about the recaro seats. But in my opinion, they are an absolute must have. I'm 6'1" 215lbs and I have no complaints. Would they fit better if I lost 15-20lbs? Yes. But have I found them to be at all uncomfortable? Absolutely not. Also enough room in back for my 2 yr old and 6 yr old.

Suggested Improvement : I'm not going to list any features that the car doesn't have but could because adding additional features would also add to the price and the low price of this car is one of its best features. That said, the seating position is higher than I'd prefer. But it's still a comfortable position with everything easily within reach and great visibility. I honestly can't think of anything else I would change.

Average Rating : 5


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