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Best car I've ever owned logo 2/23/2015 max_webster

Bought my Impala LT brand new in March 2007. Now it's February 2015 and well over 100,000 miles later. Had the steering recall issue dealt with when it was new, but that's the only thing it had to go back to the dealer for. I change the oil religiously, every 3,000 whether the "change oil" reminder comes on or not. Replaced the usual items that need periodic replacement on any car, like brake pads, tires, muffler. Changed the tranny fluid and anti-freeze and so on.Bottom line is that my Impala has given me many years of reliable, comfortable service, with no end in sight. (I kinda wish it would die because I love the new Impala). Beats a Korean or Japanese car any day!

Favorite Feature : Massive trunk and the fold down rear seats. Comfortable and smooth on long journey's.Reliable

Suggested Improvement : The body style is dated, but they fixed that with the new model.

Average Rating : 4.625


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