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Best Car I've ever Purchased logo 8/25/2015 Demetries

First off this is 2015 I just bought a 06 Pacifica that just hit 100k miles, the car is a dream, drives with no issue. I would expect a truck to ride rough have a lot of blind spots but it is a dream. one thing that definitely wins me is the space! I am 6"1 I have long legs and it always has been a issue with me driving or sitting in the back. the car is wonderful! I am ready to fill it up with some kids of my own for the 4 seats in the back.only issue is have is there really isn't much storage space in arm or eye reach. i am use to storing stuff in different places that is reachable when i am driving. not good on gas but I am coming from having Cars for over 10 years into the truck world, but its good on gas on the highway.

Average Rating : 4


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