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Best car I've owned, even with some ugly angles. logo 4/3/2017 J.D.

The car is ugly from some angles but it's my favorite car ever and I absolutely love it. The engine is surprising responsive--I raced and won against my friend's 370 HP Jaguar in a 100 yard dash. I also beat his 1983 911SC Porsche in a 100 yard dash (both on private property, and safely). I pass with ease when I need to on the highway. The seat fits me perfectly--your results may vary. Traction is a non-issue, because it just grips everywhere. And my tires are nothing special--just some thin cheap little things that came on it when I bought it used. Even in wet weather, it's hard for me to get it to break loose (when I try hard in the rain just to test its limits). The car really is amazing. Dogs love the back. Dual climate control works well in full auto, heated seats are great, radio is fine (Harmon Kardon sound is ok but not great), hands-free phone setup works pretty well if you activate calling from phone instead of weird Subaru controls. Finally figured out cruise control and it works really well (you have to push Cruise ON and speed down at the same time). I bought mine in light blue because price and availability. And it is honestly somewhat ugly from the front. But oh well. I still absolutely love it and don't see owning another brand. First Subaru after driving for 30 years and it's a keeper.

Average Rating : 5


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