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Best car on the road. Only vehicle I will ever own!!!!!! logo 5/22/2015 2011lincolnmkx

I love this car!!! I bought it pre-owned in November 2014 with only 15k on the clock. Let me say that this is the most stunning, elegant vehicle I will ever own. It corners like a freakin' racecar-I never expected that!! Best bang for the buck with interior features (ambient lighting, heated steering wheel, air cond' seats, incredible THX sound, plus really advanced MyTouch system with gas prices, weather, sports scores, etc) are all extremely useful. I have the 20" chrome wheels and LOVE them. STUNNING car. Lots of safety+ power, very refined! Power fold 3rd row. Sure as hell beats that ugly triangular SRX thing from "Cadi(chevy)llac." Will only buy Lincolns from now on. Best car out there!

Favorite Feature : ALl standard features, cooled seats, heated wheel, THX system, Grille, WHOLE design, 20 inch STUNNING chrome wheels, real wood inside (Unlike that crap from GM), Roomy back row, lots of cargo, panoramic roof!!!!!! Intelligent infotainment system, sports scores, quiet ride, smoothness of the ride, sornering ability.....I love everything!!!!!!!!!

Suggested Improvement : None at all. It is perfect and I cant really think of anything to change off hand. Maybe the center console; it could be a bit bigger.

Average Rating : 5


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