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Best companion for 12 and a half years!! logo 4/17/2015 kostasg

Mine is a 1.8lt, 125HP Momentum model, 12 and a half years old. It has already 253.100km. It is a seriously reliable car. Only few minor problems (mainly interior upholstery showing aging) not worth mentioning at all! Always enjoyable, comfortable, premium-feel, and safe ride, even at high speeds (160-180 km/h). I feel very lucky to own this car. Would definitely buy new Volvo, although, I quite like it's plain aesthetic compared to the newer models. I intend to keep it in the best possible condition for as many years as possible, cause I like it, honestly!! Also, all people that happen to ride in the car, always comment highly positively about its GOOD feel, from the first day till now. Honestly, ALL.

Average Rating : 5


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