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Best handling SUV on the market logo 6/12/2016 Sam Suen

It might cost a bit more than the competition but its worth every penny. My wife thinks it is luxurious and quiet. My kids think its the most comfortable car we owned and my main attraction to the car is its performance and handling. What kind of black magic is this?! Porsche tunes their base suspension so well that you will be wasting money on PASM or air suspension. You won't need it unless you are chasing seconds on a race track. The S makes plenty power so I wouldn't bother going with the TURBO unless you want to drag race someone all the time. I would recommend getting at least the BOSE stereo upgrade as the base unit sounds horrible. I would also recommend getting the sport seat for its superior support and comfort. If you keep disciplined and not get tempted by all those other options, you can get it at a reasonable price. I have achieved 29 MPG on the highway at 65 MPH for a 30 minutes stretch. But it is so much fun getting on the gas and listen to the exhaust pop with the gear change. The PDK is nothing short of phenomenal. Your real life mileage will be closer to 20 MPG

Average Rating : 5


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