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Best Little SUV logo 7/13/2015 Someoldman

This little crossover/SUV is the best, easiest to drive,most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned and driven. Entry and exit are easy and visibility from the driver seat is superior. Rearview camera whhich activates on shifting to reverse is seamless and offers a good look behind before and while backing. Seats are chair height comparing favorably to any SUV on the road today. Not sure why some reviewers have knocked the acceleration of the 1.4 litre turbo or the 6 speed auto transmission. I cannot find fault with either one, unless of course, I had just driven a $65000 BMW and expected that kind of power and response from a Trax costing a third as much.... Storage areas are numerous but a bit small; the lack of an passenger center armrest is the only oversight in design. It needs to be there. I love driving the Trax... and so does the wife. It's not a sports car but handles well at reasonsble speeds; the AWD is seamless. Never had a better car, and have owned some nice ones. I'm a car guy who has owned over 40 and driven the rest.. had my doubts about a South Korean Chevy with such a "small" engine, but am very impressed with the little package GM put together.

Average Rating : 5


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