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Best of all worlds logo 7/7/2015 steve_in_az

I picked up this car on 5/30/15. So far, I am amazed literally every time I drive it. Full disclosure: this is my fifth Audi in 30 years, so I am definitely a fan. The S3 is an incredible amalgam of power, speed, comfort, features and appearance. It includes Homelink (garage door opener), manual sport seats (Recaro quality), nav system, and a "jukebox" (hard drive) that will hold up to 3,000 songs. The Bang & Olufsen sound system is great, so I rip my .mp3s at their highest resolution. The sales staff even made an after-delivery tutorial session where we set up the car's parameters. Switchable magnetic suspension, multiple drive and shift modes. Shocks Corvette and Mustang drivers! 4wd!!! After 18 mos, this car is still incredlbly fast and agile. Yet it can be driven in 'granny mode' very comfortably. A good radar dedector is helpful, as simple passing maneuver acceleration can put the car at 85-90 with no conscious effort. Takes gentle mountain curves at 110 with ease and a remarkable lack of drama, making a pleasant Sunday drive into take-me-to-jail territory. Not that I have done this, of course, but I have read glowing accounts on forums and YouTube.

Average Rating : 5


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