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Best purchase I have ever made logo 4/2/2017 Zach Gill

This car has been unbelievable the first 9 months of ownership. I bought the car with 88k miles and am at 97k and the journey has been amazing. The combination of fun, reliability, and great gas mileage make this car a perfect investment. The steering is incredible and handles like a dream, the 2.0L 4 is incredibly peppy and high revving making it extremely fun. I feel like i've had the car for so long yet I cant wait for the next drive. The only cons I have for the car are the seats. The seats in this car are basically sitting on a rock, which I don't mind being young, but many of my passengers begin to be uncomfortable (also due to the sporty stock suspension) after awhile so seat pads may be something to invest in following the purchase of one of these . I am also 6'2" and I have to keep the seat as low as possible, leaving a very small amount of headroom when I keep my back straight.

Average Rating : 5


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