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Best reliability of any modern car logo 6/13/2016 Daniel

My taurus is nearing the 60k miles mark and it still drive like new maybe a little better since it has loosen up a little.. i am the definition of a car abuser.. my taurus is floored 10 -15 times a day basically always have my lead foot all the way down.. i drive regularly at over 90.. i turn hard on every corner but man those 255/19 tire have a nice grip... downside is tire are expensive ive spent 2100 in tires in 2 years that goes to show how much i abuse this car... ive never had a single breakdown i just put gas and change the oil... this car is amazing.. might trade it for a taurus sho. Also the interior is a spaceship and if you have ambient lighting you are in for a treat.. im 23 and this is not a grandpas taurus anymore.

Average Rating : 5


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