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Best ride of my life! logo 9/3/2015 rain rod

I have always been a Mercedes Benz enthusiast, my grandfather drives a Mercedes, my father owned a few , and now I own one. Like all Mercedes cars, the CLK is proof of their excellence is car making. Before I bought my CLK, I had a 2002 C 240 passed down from my grandfather with 170k miles that was a testament to just how superior Mercedes is. When I got the CLK 350, I couldn't believe how amazing the car was. It has a classic design that looks beautiful when driving on the roads, and the interior is just as lovely. Even today, I still get compliments on my car, and my people think that it is a much newer model than a 2009! The pillarless rear windows make the car It accelerates from 0-60 in about 5 seconds and it is so smooth, sometimes you don't realize just how fast you're going. Also like any Mercedes, it takes turns so graceful even at high speeds, and stops just as swiftly and comfortably. I've had this car since March of 2013 and have not had any major issues with it. This car is timeless and I know that I will have it for many more years to come.

Average Rating : 5


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