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Best Sport Coupe for the Money logo 7/16/2015 Infiniti Q60 Rocks

I am writing this review, because the other review said that he was only getting like 12.3 miles per gallon.My fuel mileage with city and highway driving has averaged 22.3 miles/gallon.The car has great acceleration and handling.I'm 6 feet tall 250 pounds and would not recommend the car for anyone larger than me.I am very happy with the car.I purchased mine as a certified pre-owned for $33,000 with 12,000 miles.As far as value for the money, nothing else comes even close.The car has also been very reliable.At 37,500 miles, I just replaced the tires and brakes all the way around.The trunk is a little tight, but I am able to get my golf clubs, two pair of golf shoes, shag bag, 2 golf shirts, 3 golf towels, and golf supplies in trunk.I think they should have just made the car a 2 seater like the 370Z and increased the trunk storage.I am very happy with my purchase.Now 53,000 miles no problems....replaced brakes at 40k with rayed bestows hybrid & happy with them...

Average Rating : 4


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