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Best third row, best infotainment and best combination of features, logo 5/9/2015 theooutback

Let's start with the context, I've gotten a new car almost every year for several years now. Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited(s) (14 and 15), two Camry XLEs, Grand Caravan, Sienna (04, 09, 11)... The 2015 Pathfinder Platinum is outstanding. It may be the car I just keep. I cross shopped the Highlander XLE/Limited and the third row is so much better. The reviews will tell you it's got more passenger space than a Tahoe! The third row is the best out there. It's got two real seats and headroom - adults can use it! Which is good because teens and adults are the same size. The infotainment is MUCH better than the Jeep GC Ltd and that is supposed to be cutting edge. 13 speaker Bose is very good.

Favorite Feature : The third row! The problem with the highlander and even the Caravan or Siennas that I've had is that the third row is for three and there are two captains chairs. This means that the front and second row are great, and there's an emergency third row if you try to fit three, which is akin to a punishment. If you want seven seats where seven people over 5 feet are actually okay with being in the car, this is it. The nav / infotainment is MUCH faster than what was in my 2015 and 14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. It's a much faster processor in the unit and it's much more capable. The 13 speaker stereo is excellent - just use the EQ. Price is excellent. The cooled seats! The HUGE back sun roof!

Suggested Improvement : Daytime running lights on in Canada? Really? It's okay - I mean I can turn on the lights, but it's 2015 and that seemed odd. The one thing you can't get cruise control / collision avoidance. I think that's a safety feature that should start the other way around in model line ups given that I'd like all the teens and young adults texting out there it. But it'll make it's way in at some point I'm sure. A push button, power second row would be really cool for the little kids getting in and out (the seats are good, but still work if you're 5 or 6), but now I'm just coming up with things for the entire automotive industry.

Average Rating : 4.875


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