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Best Value logo 3/26/2015 luvmurano

Had my 2015 Murano for over a month now and this vehicle lives up to all of Nissan's advertising. Seats are comfortable on long trips, driving position is great, and interior is nice and quiet. Handling is great and of special note is the acceleration. Although Edmunds claim it doesn't have the speed, I beg to differ. Here in Texas we have the shortest on-ramps and let me tell you I can merge into traffic at 70+. Coming back from a road trip ran into some rare snow and the vehicle handled well. Still haven't figured out all the bells and whistles yet. Only drawback is the front left window shield pillar. Kinda blocks your view when making left turns. Other than that, awesome vehicle.

Favorite Feature : Seats, handling, styling

Suggested Improvement : Front windshield pillar blocks view. Have an audible alarm when backing up in addition to camera. Got used to the alarm with previous vehicle. Include a more powerful engine for those of us with lead feet.

Average Rating : 5


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