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Best vehicle ever! logo 7/30/2015 CK

I bought new 9/06. This SUV has everything- comfort and capacity, you can haul a lot! This pilot grew with my family! I've hauled 7 kids...5 kids and their stuff...multiple hockey bags and the hockey kids! We grew up through sports, summer and winter. The reliability of this car has been amazing! Because it will be 10 next year, I have started looking at maybe a new car. I cannot find anything out there that may hold a candle to this SUV. I didn't even mention that this baby got me through a few of the worst winters in Michigan history!!! In a foot+ of snow...I only put it in 4WD to back out my drive...then off and away through about 18" in 2!!! If you only had the 2 wheel version- you would be fine in very deep snow. It handles unbelievably well. Once on a very narrow snow covered road after bad storm there wasn't enough room for an oncoming car to pass...I pulled into the "bank" on the side of the road with the hope "we can do this"...and other car passed and I "plowed" through!! On my way again in 2WD! As everyone has said- the only maintenance...normal, brakes, tires...and very recently an alternator. The warning light went off- my husband checked- it was the alternator. He and my son changed it out for about $200! (It wasn't do-it-yourself super easy...but they managed) and we continue off every day like the "energizer bunny"! Mileage is mediocre...but considering all this vehicle has delivered over 9 years, I can forgive some frequent fill ups! Honda if you are listening- clone this is one of the best ever!

Average Rating : 5


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