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Best vehicle in class logo 8/27/2015 Dennis Livingston

Our 2007 Mercedes E350 is the first Mercedes we've purchased. We bought it with 4k miles on it in 20007. It has been a pleasure to own and drive. We have had it serviced by our Mercedes dealer, Walters, Riverside, Ca. At this time we have 88K on it without a problem. This after the front end was hit while the vehicle was parked, by an 18 yr learning to drive. The front brakes have yet to need changing! The rears brakes have been changed twice. Our daughter recently needed to replace her Honda Civic and as fate would have it, her area Mercedes dealer has a 2009 E350 with 70k miles that we didn't hesitate to recommend she buy! She is driving it with joy and confidence. She will also have it serviced by Mercedes only. My wife and I will purchase an S class and keep the E350 as a second car. The safety, quality, reliability and performance are hard to beat.

Average Rating : 5


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