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Best...and...Worst Vehicle You Could Ever Own logo 8/25/2015 Rover Rover

This Land Rover will run long as you keep fixing it. First off if you can't work on your own (and I mean not just small stuff but in depth engine work) or can't afford to pay for frequent repair don't drive one. You may fall in love with it as I did. The ride (heavy vehicle which lets it ride smooth with a little roll), the 4wd (works great in slick mud/snow as long as sensors are working), the comfort (great interior), stereo, and just general coolness of the vehicle (even though it's kind of ugly in it's own way) will make you love it after driving it. Take your time looking for one that has been well taken care of inside and out with records and has head gasket issues....yes this way you will get a good can do the repairs yourself fairly cheap. Biggest problem is if it is leaking around the sleeve which is a $4k - $6k fix. The vehicle drives and handles great no issues with braking as others speak of...even at 5,300 lbs it will stop on a dime. Corners great with no tip over or feel of it as I've heard others mention. Back doors do seem a bit small for getting in and out of so keep this in mind. Only complaint I really have is the clock...why would anyone put a clock over by the passenger seat. But even with all that said I love it and will keep it...but again I can work on it and have a backup vehicle....Good Luck

Average Rating : 4


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