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Better than 2015 Golf TSI, Worse than 1997 Golf logo 5/4/2015 mnedolt

Bought a used one that had 100 K.Owned for 3 days and I am impressed. First I regretted of having bought such a small car (low ceiling) but, the rear seats are actually roomier than many other compact cars. Price was about half of the cheaper new compact cars, so I am saving quite a lot. Perhaps I will end up using up all these savings repairing this car. But, the car is so lovely that I don't mind doing that.

Favorite Feature : 1. Acceleration and handling.2. Good interior and smart features3. Exterior shape 4. Audi parts are not expensive at the dealer. ( For those who like to fix themselves, this is a very good news.)

Suggested Improvement : 1. Low ceiling. Claustrophobic. 2. Bad driver's seat design. Difficult to enter the car. 3. Fragile back seat cup holder. 4. Gas mileage not good in 2015 standard. 5. A/C operation is idiotic.

Average Rating : 3.875


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