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Better than expected CX-9 logo 6/16/2017 DRAC

Build quility is very good but as with any manufacturer, nagging issues are present but not a deal breaker. We were in the market for a replacment vehicle of our 2010 Toyota Highlander which was a total loss due during a flood event. After narrowing our decision down to two possible vehicles (Honda Pilot) and (Toyota Highlander), we decided to compare the two based on cost and driving experience. To keep this review short, neither vehicle (Pilot, Highlander) overwhemed us thus the decision to add a 3rd vehicle to our list. While out and about on day, I decided to drop into our local Mazda Dealer to see and test drive the new CX-9 . Right off the bat, the looks were and still is an instant winner. Needless to say, the test drive was convincing enough that It lead to our decision to purchase. Compared to our previous vehicle, the CX-9 is night and day. The new Pilot was larger and faster than the CX-9, but it drove like it has wobbly knees compared to the CX-9. The Highlander was in the hunt, but the CX-9 offered more bang for the buck in comparison. We recently took the CX-9 on a 5000 mile road trip from the Gulf Coast to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. If anyone has any concerns about the preceived lack of power coming from a 4 cly turbo motor. I can attest that this trip easily laid these concerns to rest. The drivetrain performed without a hitch and in short. my wife had to keep telling me to slow down. 80 mph + is a breeze for this drivetrain. (Lol) Overall we averaged 24 MPG on this trip and if this dosen't sound too overly empressive then consider this. We spent nearly a third of the time on the road with a head wind of 10 to 20 mph. Combined that with several mountain ranges etc, traffic jams and accidents, and all things considered, I believed the mileage achieved was better than average under these conditions. The vehicle was comfortable and quiet with minimal wind and road noise.

Average Rating : 4


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