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Better than I Could Have Imagined!!! logo 8/6/2015 Stan Morris

I'd like to make this review brief as possible, but I know that's not going to happen.I am so blown away by this vehicle that I tell everyone who comments on it that it's now not just the best car I've ever owned, it's the only car to get in my mind(regarding the options/performance/warranty/reliability you get for the money). If you want to drop $70k on a vehicle with the same options and a little more pep, more power to you(literally). I own a Sonata Ltd with the Ultimate Package, and after driving in the high end Infinity/Audi/BMW, this vehicle is just as comparable in regards to the luxurious feel and amenities. From the Xenon headlights, LED running lights and LED interior lights(so crisp), to the LED taillights, to the sophisticated new styling, this car is the epitome of high class without the high class cost.The smart cruise, which is one of my favorite features, works beautifully and I use it frequently when on a long commute. Also, have you ever been trying to follow a friend or family member on the highway or interstate for a long commute and can't seem to get your cruise control set just right and either slowly gain or lose distance between them? Problem solved! With the smart cruise I just set my cruise speed for higher than I know the car in front of me will go, and simply stay behind them. If they slow, the car slows. If they speed up, the car speeds up. Even better, I can choose if I want to be a car length behind them or a few car lengths behind them. I have not tested it in city traffic, as I do not live in a big enough city, but I could see how it would come in handy(strike that, become a valued asset and seen as a necessity) when in slow moving or quick stop and go traffic. The Xenon headlights and LED taillights are truly remarkable in both functionality and in style. My wife told me she had to drive the vehicle so I could see the lights from the outside, and I was more than impressed. When seeing this vehicle traveling down the road at night you expect to see a familiar luxury emblem on the front, not the ever increasingly popular "H". I currently have my phone hooked up with the "Android Auto", and also have the BlueLink and Bluetooth set up on the car and all flawlessly perform as they should. I was impressed with all of those "little features" that the Android Auto provides and couldn't be happier with that addition. My only complaint, which can't be stuck on just the Sonata, is the visibility. My previous vehicle was a Navigator, and comparatively the visibility felt like it was cut in half. With that said, in all cars visibility has been cut down the same, so again this isn't just Hyundai. One positive note is that the blind spot works beautifully and it has saved me from cutting into a car on multiple occasions. On a side note, the blind spot has an ability to judge the speed of the car behind you, so if said vehicle is coming up really fast the blind spot will adjust to warn you earlier, as opposed to other blind spot systems that simply warn you once the vehicle trips the sensor.I suppose the only real downfall are the leather seats. They are premium leather, but not as soft as the napa leather that I've enjoyed in the past. That being said, it seems like these seats are more durable and will hold up better. Additionally, the heated and cooled seats work beautifully, and I've gotten multiple comments on the heated seats in the back.Alright, I could continue on and on about this car, but it feels like I'm just going through the options package and commenting on how great it is, so you could just look at the package and know that all of it is exceptional. I purchased the extended warranty that covers bumper to bumper, excluding bumpers :-), for 10 years/100,000 miles, which I would suggest wholly to anyone considering this vehicle.

Average Rating : 5


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