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Better than the Pros think logo 4/16/2015 jwbrooks

We owned a Honda FIT for years and loved it. But when it came time to get a new car, my wife got to choose and picked the Mirage DE 5 speed manual. One year and 14000 miles later we have no regrets. Combined with great maneuverability, the proximity sensors make tight parking a breeze. The small engine does work hard at the new freeway speeds of 70 mph. Our mileage drops to about 41 mpg at those speeds. But at speeds at 60 mph or below, we routinely average true mpg of 50 or even higher. (Note the mpg on the dash does often read a few mpg too high) Because of the higher ground clearance, the performance in the snow is surprisingly good and better than the FIT.

Favorite Feature : It is an excellent car for hypermiling. (maximizing mpg). The light weight makes it sporty and fun to drive in a go-kart sort of way. The wind will buffet it a little but not to the point of concern. The interior space is very good and comparable to the new FIT. (Not as good as the old FIT). Hard to beat the combination of low price, great mpg, and long warranty. Radio sound system is also good. Even with my bad back, I can drive for long distances with no more discomfort than I get driving much "higher end" cars. I loved my first car (a VW Super Beatle) and I love this car.

Suggested Improvement : The base level blue tooth connection for the phone does not work very well. Hopefully the upgrade Blue Tooth is better. Definitely test drive one and compare it to alternatives before assuming the "Pro Tester" knows what is most important for you.

Average Rating : 4.375


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