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Between the Corolla and the Camry...Perfect logo 4/5/2017 GREG BARLOW

This is our 3rd Lancer in the family and not the last. 26 mpg on mountain roads and the 2.0 ltr has power to spare as peepy as my wifes AWC 2.4 ltr Lancer. I don't like the new front bumper design but can live with that. Paint with Mitsubishi has always been an issue so you must stay on top of the waxing. If you step up and pay a little more from the 5spd stick you get lots of extras. I really liked my wifes 2015 but I love my 2016. We will drive these for 10 yrs and then pass them to the grandkids. Keep the oil changed and the servicing up to date and these will go the distance not to mention they have timing chains not belts which have to changed out and thats not cheap. We paid $15500 which included destination (which is a bs charge but they won't waive it) plus tax and lic.

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