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Beware before you buy logo 8/27/2015 Melissa C.

As far as the looks of my 2015 Ford Fusion, it is a very nice sporty looking vehicle, however, it has a lot of blind spots which makes me very nervous when changing lanes. I have a new teen driver in the house also and it makes it hard for him to see also when switching lanes. We took this car to Orlando, Florida from N.Carolina (9 hour trip) it was not a very comfortable ride. However it didnt seem as bad when we took another vacation that was only a 4 hour drive. I would not suggest this car to really tall people due to leg room and the roof being so low. My son who is 5'9" tall has a really hard time sitting in the back seat because of leg room. This is a nice vehicle for your average size person who dont travel alot.

Average Rating : 4


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