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Beware of Electronics! logo 7/31/2015 jjski78

I had my 2012 R/T for 3.5 years and 65,002 miles. Here are my final thoughts on the car:The performance is spectacular. The 5.7 Hemi is more engine than most drivers will ever need (but then again, so is the 3.6) and is really a gem. It is smooth and docile when driven gently, and turns into a snarling monster when you put your foot down. Combined with a cold air intake and a Flowmaster dual exhaust it really became quite an animal. Let's just say I never needed much room to pass a bad/slow driver, and the sound coming from the exhaust was more than enough to let them know I didn't approve of their driving style. The car really was a bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Again, driving gently the engine was very docile, and the ride was borderline supple. Though the 20" wheels never allow it to get too soft. When you're driving it closer to the edge, the engine is right there with you and the suspension seems to tighten right up and allow you to take corners at speeds that would have been suicide in a car this large 20 years ago. On top of the craziness, it was not uncommon for me to obtain 30+ MPG on the highway and low-mid 20's in the city. Make sure you're using mid grade fuel though.The interior is fantastic. The seats are probably the most comfortable I have ever sat in. With severe back issues I could easily drive this car for 12+ hours and not have a problem. They are supportive and comfortable. The materials used on the interior are also great. Is it Audi great? No. But it is definitely a fantastic place to be. Everything is laid out intuitively, and access to most controls is through the touch screen or through the steering wheel.So why did I get rid of it? One word: electronics. Simply said, the electronics were complete trash. When you're making bets with yourself over how many of your 12 speakers are going to work on this start, there's a problem. When the radio decides you really didn't want to listen to that song, and then literally refuses to play that one song until the car is shut off and restarted, there's a problem. When it decides you really didn't want to connect your bluetooth, mid call, there's a problem. And finally, when the bluetooth call quality sounds like old tv static being transmitted through an olympic size swimming pool, it's just time to move on. The dealer said they would basically replace the entire system, at a very substantial cost to me due to the fact this all happened after the warranty was up. So it was time to walk away. I've been told mine was a rare occurrence, and that may be. Still doesn't change the fact that it happened and those horrifyingly bad electronics ruined the entire experience of the car.

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