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Beware of RECALLS! logo 9/12/2015 Brittany

Currently, there is a recall on 2008-2010 Dodge Grand Caravans. There is a problem with the Wireless Ignition Node, which can cause the key to shift from the on to accessory position and cause the engine and vehicle to lose power - thus increasing the likelihood of a crash. Unless this recall has been fixed, this van is not safe to drive. Right now the replacement parts are backordered, with a minimum wait time of 4 months. So if you are shopping in the used car market, make sure this recall has been fixed before you purchase. Dealerships DO NOT check to see if this recall has been fixed. Check specific VIN numbers at I hope this saves someone the headache we are now suffering :(Besides the ignition being unsafe, we have enjoyed this van. It's very comfortable and roomy; it drives nice. My low rating is due to the recall and lack of parts to fix it.

Average Rating : 2


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