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Beware of this car, ACURA NO MORE, NEVER AGAIN logo 3/10/2015 fidus

5,000 miles on a AWD MDX and the car is falling apart. First a ln annoying ticking noise that suddenly got loader and is accompanied by a sqeek. At low speeds especially when turning into my driveway there is a knocking noise that sounds like a 20 year old car losing a ball joint. When i start the car there is a rumbling noise that comes and goes. And the newest problem is a very rough downshift when slowing down to a point that you get thrown into the steering wheel. This is my first Acura i have had 6 new hondas and i am saying BYE BYE to honda and Acura forever. Their cars got cheeper and cheeper every year and i dont mean in price but quality. Take your money elsewhere, dont buy the MDX

Favorite Feature : It must be the infotament system that is so UNINTUITIVE it makes me want to cry

Suggested Improvement : New screen features, less cheap plastic (kia has nicer interiors) bring back hard buttons because incould not tell you how many times i almost crashed trying to change either music or hvac settings. Texting and driving is safter than trying to turn on your heated seats while driving.

Average Rating : 3.25


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