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Beware of this Car logo 7/9/2015 George R.

Mazda claims they are a different type of car company but as I am dealing with an issue they have revealed they are no different than GM or any other big car company. I lost my power steering a month ago while driving on the highway. When I returned home to find out if anyone else had experienced this problem I was surprised to see that my supposedly very reliable Mazda 3 had major problems with power steering issues. There was a recall back in 2010 for this problem. When I called Mazda customer support to report this issue I was told my car (I am the 2nd owner) was recalled and repaired back in November of 2010. When I mentioned to them that this repair obviously failed again they said they were not responsible to do this repair a 2nd time as per government guidelines. When I asked them if they had replaced the power steering pump and assorted pieces with upgraded pieces that insured this would not happen again they said this was the case. I mentioned to them this was my second Mazda and I would hope they would do something for me since this was obviously something they were aware of. They said they could do nothing for me. When I continued to argue my case with them, they suggested I bring my car to my local Mazda dealer to confirm the issue (The dealer did so $120 later for diagnosis, $1,293.00 for the repair). They mentioned to me they do have a "Out of Warranty" policy for some repairs but made no promises. When they finally called back after 2 weeks, they reiterated they could do nothing for me despite confirmation that the repair done back in 2010 reoccurred with the new parts. I then asked them to reimburse me for the diagnosis since they requested I have it done. They again said no. Great customer service! Needless to say I will never purchase another Mazda.

Average Rating : 3


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