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Beware! logo 6/23/2015 sleep614

I purchased a Renegade 2 months ago and it's the worst purchase I have ever made. It started off on day two when I tried to roll the windows down, but only 3 of the 4 worked. Got that fixed, then I had to have molding replace. The cruise control sucks when going through the mountains. The Uconnect is a joke. It's totally useless when it works. The bluetooth doesn't connect to the phone correctly, so when it connects it says iPhone (13) instead of Jason's Phone. The door jams also hold water so if it rains heavily, rain collects in the door jams and when I open the door, water pours out onto my shoes. Tried trading it in, but it's lost 7000 in value in 2 months.

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Average Rating : 2.125


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