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Beyond disappointed logo 9/13/2015 Beth Gordon

In 28 years of marriage, this was our first new vehicle purchase. We have 11,000 miles on it and have had it for 6 months. We've had to have it in the shop six times and still our issues are not resolved. The back shocks had to be replaced, a sensor went out in the fuel system causing our check engine light to go on, which disables your remote start capabilities. We had the sensor replaced and was assured the check engine light would stay off and it came the next day. I have not been able to use my remote start for two months. With temps over 90 degrees, this was very disappointing. We then had a terrible grinding noise under our pedal and brake. It was put on the hoist in the shop and the audible grinding has quit, but the technician never stated that there was a problem. There is still a slight grinding feel in the brake. We are now going to a new Dodge dealer to have it looked at and hopefully get the check engine light off. The DVD player in the entertainment system is very touchy and at times doesn't work. I understand getting the kinks out, but this is ridiculous. Unless Dodge provides some kind of intervention (and we are contacting them) I would never buy another Dodge again. It's really a shame because the potential for this to be the greatest midsize SUV on the road is definitely there.

Average Rating : 2


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