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Big attitude in a small package. logo 8/5/2015 Gabriel

The Juke is a tiny crossover that looks like a cyborg frog. Yes. We've known that for years. Get over it. Appreciate it for what it is. A ridiculously fun to drive, easy to park, efficient, weather-versatile vehicle. It has a small interior that "seats" 5 but only if the backseat is occupied by kids, supermodels, or thin people. 6 footers won't have much legroom, but if you frequently drive around tall people, DON'T BUY A TINY VEHICLE. Get a Rogue, it has tons of legroom, and is much more boring to drive. The Juke has plenty of shortcomings, but for single people or childless married couples or small (in size) families it's fine. Being a tiny SUV makes it super easy to park, especially with Nissan's awesome around view camera system (on SL models). It's fairly fuel efficient, the Rockford Fosgate sound system has lots of bass, the touchscreen Nav is easy to use, and the I-CON system is fun to play with. The Turbo really kicks in around 2500 RPM and stays strong to around 5500 RPM. Now to explain the bad things. The door panels are cheap, like one step above the Versa. Which is pathetic for a $27k vehicle. The Sentra, for $6-10k less, has a higher quality interior overall. The dash and console trim are okay, but could be better. The optional armrest should be standard. The car is sometimes too tiny. Headroom in the backseats is suitable for a 6 footer, but not legroom. The Versa, again, at nearly half the price, offers an armrest for the rear seats. The Juke doesn't.While the Rockford Fosgate sound system has great bass, the mids are just average and the highs lacking. 11.5 gallon fuel tank is inconvenient, as it's hard to make it to 300 miles on one tank. The shortcomings don't take much from the whole package though. The Juke is a nice vehicle.

Average Rating : 4


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