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Big Chunky Ride logo 9/12/2015 Dan

Weighing in at 3800 pounds is the reason its big chunky. Its also the reason the car is hard on control arms, tie rods, and suspension. The motor is solid but it revs down real slow for some reason and has a "hemi tick" in the winter when its first started. Also a gnarly delay when you stab the throttle and when the rpms actually react to it,,, weird. The instrument panel has awkward half points that don't anything in between the floor / seat / dash air options. When turn the AC off or change from floor to dash position it actually takes about 8 seconds to respond. Full size sedan the corners stretch far on the blind spot beast. My car has had all struts replaced, also the lower control arms and now the upper ball joints are shot.

Average Rating : 2


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