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Big Disappointment - Oil Burning and Other Problems logo 5/2/2015 jbv1105

This car, with only 26,000 miles on it, has not lived up to my expectations for build quality and reliability. The car burned oil at an alarming rate. One dealer claimed there was nothing wrong, then a second finally agreed there was an issue after the car failed an oil consumption test. They replaced the entire engine under warranty.Also I had an ignition problem, which had to be addressed due to the car not starting. Additionally, the car's battery was defective and had to be replaced. The Bluetooth on this vehicle is terrible, won't connect and has had to be replaced. There are unsettling rattles in the dashboard and excessive wind and road noise. I plan to get rid of this car.

Favorite Feature : All Wheel Drive, versatile hatchback design.

Suggested Improvement : Reliability, build quality, engines that burn oil, poor sound insulation, rattles, rubbery and finicky manual transmission, Bluetooth, manual needs a 6th gear, excessive rust, sluggish performance especially in 3rd-5th gear.

Average Rating : 1.875


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