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Big Mistake logo 7/24/2015 bill

I was looking for something smaller, by smaller, I mean smaller than my F-250 Super Cab, I needed to pull my boat and a small trailer. I saw the Trailblazer on line and thinking the price was to good to be true, I soon found out it had big problems. First I took it to my local mechanic, told him to go over it top to bottom and fix anything he saw wrong. He told me the front differential had no oil in it, they replace the belts, hoses and looked over the brakes and changes the oil. I had a new windshield installed, then I noticed oil on my driveway, the diff was leaking badly, I had to wait 2 weeks for parts. The instrument cluster was a mess, the tachometer did not work and the oil pressure gauge was pegged out, $230 to repair. I got lucky on the diff it was a seal but getting parts took 2 weeks and cost me $248 to fix. I have a Honda Pilot and my insurance was costing me $66 a month, when I got the bill for my Trailblazer it was $124 a month, WHY? I ask. The underwriter said it cost a lot more for parts and that GM parts were much larger, Honda uses small panels than GM. Another thing I noticed was that the engine seemed very nosy, I check the water pump and all the bearing, but the all seemed good, I am a little worried about the inline 6 noise, but so far the car seems to be running good. The sunroof did not work, I decided I never use it anyway why spend the $$'s on repairing it. I am very picky about my cars, I grew up in a family of mechanics, and I can repair most minor issue, but in the long run I wish I had never taken the bait on this car, as my old Daddy used to say; "if it to good to be true it probably is." What seem strange was it was a low mileage SUV. My F-250 has over 209,000 mile runs like a charm and everything works, the problem was it is hard on gas with that huge V-10 Ford block and hard to park. Live and learn.

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