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Biggest bucket of worms I've ever owned logo 9/2/2015 Frugal German

Bought the car with the extended warranty. Started out having to replace the bulbs of the headlights several times. The run flat tires are expensive, no spare. The computer display will display the message that you have a flat and to pull over, or drive for 50 miles if you have run-flats, however the computer will not allow you to exit this screen and switch to navigation. Was on a trip in Canada when I had a flat and had no idea which would be the closest city. Battery drains in a heart beat if you open and close the back hatch several times while packing for a trip. Need a big truck to give you a jump. Had to replace battery twice within the first 5 years. The plastic components like inside driver door handle and steering wheel spokes are crap. The have a thin colored plastic coating on it that bubbles up and peels off. Was told it is the acid in my skin - first car ever that was allergic to me! On 05Aug15 I had the routine maintenance done. The warranty ran out 18Aug15, but I only had 86937 miles on the car. On 20Aug15 I break down on the side of the road with a trunk full of perishable groceries. Had to have it towed to dealership 50 miles away. Electronic water pump and thermostat needed to be replaced $1950. Picked up the car the next week and on the drive home the A/C went out. They picked up the car the next day, and it needed a new compressor at $3,000. Received the car two days later and now the passenger side electric mirror control is messed up. Run, honey, run!

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