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Black leather driver seat backrest wears off. logo 8/2/2015 Jim Schlidt

We bought this car new with 1700 miles on It. At 2000 miles the leather on the drivers seat backrest was worn off and was white. Cheap material! The dealership looked at it and said that there had to be something wrong with the material and ordered a new seat cover. It came in and they had the upholstery guy install it. The car now has 5300 miles and the seat is doing the same thing. Contacted the dealership and they said "To bad we replaced it once." Filed a case with Hyundai America and after more than a month, a few ugly phone calls and a lot of emails they told us the same thing and that it was the way we got in and out of the car. They said we slid our butts getting in and out! Really? We needed to put the seat all the way back, get in and put the seat back up. If anyone in the world can get in and out of a car without sliding there butt on some part of the seat I will kiss that butt! I am in the process of trying to trade the car. I am 65 and was hoping this would be my retirement car.DO NOT buy a Hyundai with black leather!!

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