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Bluetooth - Voice Command prompt randomly turns on logo 9/12/2015 JBB

Purchased 12/2014. Past couple of months the voice command prompt (that lists the commands you can use) randomly turns on. First time it happened I thought it was because I was using my phone, next time I wasn't touching my phone. The frequency that this happens went from once every few days, to a couple of times a day. I took the car to the Honda dealer, they checked and this is not a software update issue. Taking it back this week to leave it so they can call Honda Tech support to see if this has been reported before. Wondering if this is related to the issues with Apply iPhones and the Honda Bluetooth?Air conditioning takes forever to cool off on a hot day (I think I was spoiled by how good my past two Toyotas cooled off).Have not had any vibration issues.Hate the layout of the fan buttons and temperature control knobs. Wish they had reversed the layout and made the fan speed the knobs and the temperature control the buttons. Sound quality is really bad. Definitely not getting the advertised gas mileage (26 local/33 highway), the only time I've gotten close to the 33 highway was on a cross-country road trip the month I bought the car where I hit 30mpg. Average highway has been 26, if I do a lot of local driving it's under 24mpg (I always leave it in e-con mode).Lane assist, conceptually a great idea, but on long trips, when you're tired, it can actually lead to more fatigue in your arms with the constant correction to stay in the lane where the car thinks you should be.LOVE the blind-spot camera! This should be standard on all vehicles! HUGE safety benefit for highway driving.

Average Rating : 4


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