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BMW i3 Breaks first week logo 6/5/2015 bmw_junk

Our BMW i3 broke and is in the shop after only 1 week.The car is now going on 3 weeks in the shop for repair of AirBag, Restraint issues.We are being told Germany Tech is working with the USA Tech. Unbelievable a 50K car that is broke, takes this long to repair and requires the help of Germany to repair.Update since first post:Car has been in repair now 3 times, the latest as on June 2016, the check engine light is ON, Dealer says BMW Engineers are trying to find out why. The car is always broken. Funny thing, when I went to drop off my i3 for repairs, there were 2 i3's in front of me, one so bad they had to put it on a dolly to move it.Let me also point out a few of the down sides of owing this car:1. The rear doors opening in the suicide fashion are also not a very good design, especially in parking lots with other vehicles parked close by. For example, say you have a child, you need to open both the front door, then the rear. You are now trapped between two doors, you have to fight with one of the doors to keep closing then opening to get to the stroller to get your child. Also if you are shopping and need to put things in the rear seat, same thing. A REAL PAIN... Don't believe me, give it a try with cars parked on each side that hug the white stripe. Then you will wish you din't have this car.Next the rear storage is small at best, you can't fit a full size stroller in the rear. If you do have a stroller, then you have no place for groceries.Now on to the body of the car, it is really a collection of plastic parts snapped together, most are very flimsy at best, and if you really stand back and look at the car, there are at least 4 different colors on the car. Looks like an erector set gone bad. The fit is also not very good. The front gas cover is really a terrible design with the locking as the pin is at the bottom and can be easily opened. Just a waste on the lock. So many curves and design elements. A real pain to clean the outside with so many panels and shapes.Next, did I say the rear windows do not roll down. They don't and another let down. The tires are very different and skinny, makes the car very un stable feeling when you hit a smooth bump in the road such as a railroad track crossing, you can feel the car slide. Also if it's wet outside, even worst! Please don't speed around any corners with these skinny tires. Overall, the car has many short comings and things you never think about until you have it. It was neat looking in the showroom. In the real world, this is one of the worst cars I have ever owned/leased. I can only say that my feelings around BMW is this, a HIGH PRICE for such a TERRIBLE BUILT CAR. I've learned that BMW stands for "BUILT MORE WORST".Would I do it again, NO!!

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