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Bombproof, useful, reliable truck. logo 4/7/2017 Chris

I bought one as a second vehicle in 2014 with 200k on the odometer after looking around Craigslist for several weeks and inspecting a handful of 3rd generation 4Runners. After finding the cleanest single-owner vehicle with service records, I bought it for $5500 and it now has just over 210,000 on it. I've done very little to it, except drive it on weekends, feed its rather thirsty appetite for gas, change the oil annually, and keep it clean. One notable minor repair has been made: Check-Engine light was on when I bought it and couldn't pass emissions as it were, so I pulled the code and traced it to a faulty charcoal canister near the fuel tank. I found a used one on an auto parts salvage website for $95 and replaced it myself in 2 hours, cleared the code, and saved about $600 from going to a mechanic for a new part. Another minor modification has been made: I added a transmission oil cooler outside the radiator to bypass the internal oil cooler inside the radiator. It is a known and well-documented risk that the internal cooler is prone to corrosion and eventually leaking engine coolant into the transmission oil, thus ruining the transmission. Both of these jobs were clearly explained in numerous Toyota forums and YouTube videos. Overall, the internet forums have thousands of posts pertaining to these trucks and the support community of fellow owners is fantastic. This vehicle is a truck and it rides like one. Interior is basic and functional, but even after 16 years, everything works and nothing doesn't. It is by far the most reliable and well-made vehicle I've owned. I could sell it tomorrow for exactly what I paid for it. How many other vehicles could you say that about?

Average Rating : 5


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