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Bought Car used in 2013 logo 7/4/2016 BMWguy

This car has been amazing i wont lie.. For being my first car to buy on my own i am happy with my purchase.. Bought the car with 67k miles on it and now driving it around with over 140k miles. This car drives and handles just like you see in the commercials.. You can drive fast around sharp curves and have your headlights lead the way.. For someone who is 6'4 size isn't the best but not terrible either i have with it. I drove from Washington state to New York in my car and was comfortable the whole way.. I will say after 145k miles you will start to see issues.. I have had to have all my Spark plugs and coil packs replaced probably totaling $500 all together. Then recently with in two weeks i have had my serpentine belt replaced, and its pulley replaced totaling over $300, plus i have had electrical issues with my car completely going dead loss of all power 2x now luckily at home though.. Thanks to AAA saves my life. I have had my air conditioner not working, and other minor errors. This car burns through oil like nothing, and tends to have oil leaks.. Love the car but i think its time to get something newer.. I would suggest buying this car and year if you are getting it with low miles.. Its a fantastic car.. .

Average Rating : 4


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