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Bought cls 500 logo 8/5/2015 Lexic

Just bought used CLS 500 a few weeks ago with 120k miles and am not super impressed. SBC breaking unit needs replacement, apparently all units are under 10 year warranty, sadly I am 6 weeks too late. I called mercedes dealer north houston, they declined to replace, called corporate - they just gave me that long story that they take time to evaluate each request, evaluate customer loyalty, etc and in the end also declined replacing the unit. It appears SBC unit was broken for years and previous owner didn't even know that mercedes has any warranty for them. Further, I am noticing that the transmission gears are starting to slip 2nd and I think 4th up and down shift.Additionally have to spend $2500 on minor maintenance things and another $2500 on additional non maintenance repairs.Leather preserved very well, except the front seat has one seem separated for 6-7 inches, fixable.Tires are starting to wear out on the inside, but it doesn't seem due to alignment, looks like another expansive but unidentified problemPros: looks great, black paint preserved very well

Average Rating : 4


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