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Bought it new december 29, 1990 logo 8/21/2015 John hull

Had a formula with performance pkg - 5.0 h.o. 230hp 5spd 4wheel discs on order for 4 months but gm kept rescheduling build due to parts availability (rear disc brakes) I was told was promised to be built first week of December.... Anyone who was there will remember there was a recession during daddy Bush presidency at this time.....just after Thanksgiving GM announced tthat due to inventory the Van Nuys Ca plant would be closed for entire month of december!!! Just before Christmas pissed off Went to dealer for my deposit and guess what that day a black formula showed at dealer with performance axle pkg but had rear aluminum drum brakes 5.7liter tuned port 245hp auto trans but otherwise identical to what I ordered....took it on the spot.....loved this car fast as hell and got 24mpg at a steady cruise controlled 85 mph with air on the time everyone praised chevy ss454 pickups .....bone stock would beat em by 5 or 6 car lengths in the quarter mile ......great looks handling and power all for $$16500...loaded......try touching this performance for under 35k today

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