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Bought new in 2004, now has 170,000 and going strong logo 7/1/2015 kaiserdr

I rarely give anything five stars but the service I have had on this vehicle deserves it. I bought my MPV brand new from the dealer and only had routine problems. My vehicle is approaching 170,000 miles and runs perfectly. We have maintained the exterior and interior of this vehicle. If the engine fails, I will buy a rebuilt engine, install it, and hope it lasts as long as the one now. I was recently at the dealer to have the air-bag replaced and a mechanic there said several owners bring their MPVs in for maintenance and have more than 250,000 miles on them. The only unexpected failure I had on this vehicle was last year when the sunroof leaked and I had to replace the seal.

Favorite Feature : Power sliding doors are great, with controls on the driver panel and beside each door. Great for hauling, I am an insurance adjuster and often take this on claims all over the U.S. Rear seats fold down and rear passenger seats are removable. Often when I am on the road I have two extension ladders and a sleeping bag (for frequent naps when traveling long distance) and have lots of room. I also have a ladder rack on top that will hold two extension ladders. For a van the gas mileage estimates here are correct, not bad for a full-size vehicle.

Suggested Improvement : Presume that now most cars have spark plugs with coils on each plug--I would prefer the older coil and distributor cap. In 11 years I have had to replace four plugs one every few years and boy are they expensive. Also impossible for me to replace myself.

Average Rating : 4.5


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