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Bought new in 2007 (2008 model) logo 12/5/2016 Fred

Can't believe I've owned the vehicle for 9 years. It was my main driver for 7 of those, now it is a weekend vehicle and I drive a hybrid (Hyundai) as my regular driver. It was my first diesel vehicle and I love the engine and the gas mileage for such a big vehicle, always around 21 miles per gallon. It is a very comfortable SUV. The problem is the cost of maintenance after the "free maintenance" period is over. Whether a dealer or an independent it is super expensive. I had to repair the rear latch and I did it myself so it wasn't that expensive, but to have that job done they tell me it's easily 400 bucks. The costs are high also because things like windshield wipers are only available from Mercedes. Tires are very expensive like all big SUV tires, around 300 bucks apiece for the cheap ones. Having $1,000 services from independent Mercedes service places is not for the faint hearted. Parking lights are impossible to change, the independent service place suggested I have them changed when a service requiring the removal of the front bumper is necessary. I now have a little more than 100K miles on the vehicle and all things considered it has been reliable, but diesels tend to be very reliable in the engine department. I use it when I need to haul big items and it is great for that. I have an old pickup but it is so much nicer to haul things in the Benz. I can't recommend a used one to anyone that is buying used because they can't afford new, because you won't be able to afford the maintenance. Maybe a one-owner one like mine might be ok, but I would probably sell mine only when the repair costs became annoying, so think about it.

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