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Bought this junk to prove my daughter wrong 4/8/17 logo 4/8/2017 mike Marshall

Admittedly bought this 2006 RR with 135K miles in mint condition, 2 owners, proper maintenance ONLY because my 17 year old daughter is a car lover like her dad but knew RR's were horrible in quality and reliability and very expensive to work on. So, against my better judgement bought this RR. Within the first 2 weeks one of the front air suspension struts blew out. Cost $800 to repair. Basic oil change was $150. Front brakes due for replacement but British mechanic says CANNOT TURN RR ROTORS SO ONLY NEW ONES AVAILABLE. Got suspicious of this mechanic so took to my regular mechanic who simply put on after market brake pads, but still cost way less (still $250) than the $800 the "British Mechanic" repair shop was trying to soak me for. Rear view camera works about 25% of the time. SUV sits up so high with no running boards or handles on front pillar that very difficult to get in or out for us shorter people and puts heavy wear and tear on sides of both front seats creating upholstry tears and paint wearing off plastic trim parts that are very cheaply made. Even the rubber key was so worn it barely worked=poor design and material usage and they are $400 to buy and have programmed! After 2 weeks and $1000 in repairs with more to come on those expensive air bags suspension ($800 PER wheel!) I decided to sell it. After driving a 2001 Lincoln Navigator which was of average quality, I would choose the Lincoln for less expensive repairs for both labor and parts. I myself bought a 2008 Infiniti QX56 SUV with 119K miles and cannot say enough good things about this SUV in EVERY category. It is a FAR superior SUV to the RR in EVERY way (and all others that I tested/researched). The RR's are currently the "cool SUV" to drive thus my young daughter's lust for it but knew it was going to be a mistake as is the case with most English cars. (owned a 99 Jag XJ8 for 5 years=huge repair bills done all at under 69K miles!) Owned an 86 Bentley Mulsanne for a year just for fun but just after one minor repair it costs $2000, so got that out of my car loving system. English make some beautiful cars but some of the most unreliable and expensive to work on. Got disgusted with American cars as well despite trying to "be American, buy American" but quality still not where it should be at any of the Big 3. Finally broke down and bought a Japanese car, something I swore I'd never do as they have always been so UGLY but many have finally figured out how to actually make a car look nice looking. If you want a really nice HUGE comfortable, powerful, high tech SUV. Def. try the Infiniti QX56 with almost 400 ft lbs of torque it does zero to 60 in 7 seconds, rides like a big Cadillac sedan in the comfort area and lots of room for hauling things when needed. Even my 17 year old daughter loves it, esp. with the technology upgrade package (BOSE, Nav, rear view camera, rear entertainment) and the roar of the factory exhaust is quite nice as well. One of the nicest cars I've ever owned and have had almost 100 cars over the years. Stay away from RR's unless you want to spend a lot of time at the repair shop spending ungodly amounts of repair money. Heck, I don't even like the looks of it! Too top heavy on windows making it look like a "green house on wheels" and interior is WAY to small for serious Costco trips, minimal storage, many cheap parts at dash/console areas as well, esp for the high price that is charged when new. When driving it, it reminded me of driving something out of the 80's. Very outdated. Power is just average, esp. when compared to my former Lincoln Navigator and ESP. the Infiniti. And note** your car insurance will increase significantly compared to other same year or older SUV's like Lincoln Navigator being that RR's are so expensive to repair. I got a $600/yr increase in premiums "just because it was a RR" according to my AAA rep. Sold the RR within 3 weeks just to save my money and sanity! "It pays to be cool" but I ain't no fool! Sold the RR and got her an 2007 Infiniti FX35 which is also far superior to the RR in every way except the view height of sitting high in the RR.

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