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Brand New 2017 Forester logo 7/9/2016 Rick J

I have been in the market for a small SUV for a while now. I have driven all of the major players - CR-V, CX-5 and the Forester. I am a long-time Honda person. I liked the CX-5 but it was a bit more cramped inside and the visibility was not as good. The CR-V drove well and had the best CVT behavior but just left me a bit uninspired due to its bland nature. I drove the 2016 Forester and liked it - I have two other family members with Foresters who love them. I found out the 2017 model with a mild refresh was on its way so I waited until they took the first one off the truck at my local dealership (Cannon Subaru in Lakeland is great!). I test drove the 2017 back to back with a 2016 they still had on the lot and the difference was significant as far as solidity, smooth ride and much quieter ride. The new infotainment system was intuitive and easy to use with volume and tuning KNOBS along with a touch screen - compared to the the CR-V's system (a disaster of confusing touch screen with no knob controls!) and the CX-5 which had the frustrating center toggle knob - the Subaru system is much better. The sound quality of the non-upgraded stereo is adequate - meets or exceeds the others in this category. The Forester drives very smoothly and has a solid, quality feel inside and out. The AWD system provides an extra level of stability to the handling. The only small issue is the CVT. Subaru has tweaked the CVT for the 2017 model to attempt to smooth its operation and it is better but still takes some adjustment - this is my first CVT equipped automobile - it is just a different feel and takes adjusting how you drive to a more easy application of the accelerator which gives smooth, linear acceleration (and surprisingly fast!) but driving aggressively with lots of slamming the pedal down - like I was used to doing with the normal automatic equipped small Honda engine automobiles - results in a much worse driving experience with the CVT - I am adjusting and think I'll enjoy the smoothness once I drive a while. If you have never owned a CVT vehicle, I suggest a good test drive to see if you like it - although, your choices are becoming slimmer as most of the major manufacturers are switching to the CVT for its MPG advantages as they attempt to meet the new government requirements. Overall, I would highly suggest you put the 2017 Subaru Forester on your list if you are looking for a solid, reliable, safe small SUV.

Average Rating : 5


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