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Break Pads go out!! & Dismall Fuel Economy logo 7/22/2015 Kevin R

New Nissan Armada with just 700 Miles on it, On my way home the brake light came on and I had no braking power, while I was on the highway. There was a grinding noise and a buzzing sound. Luckily, I made it to a service station and had it checked out. They called me today saying it was fine now but are suggesting I replace the front and rear rotors and pads plus changing the brake fluid that could cost up to $1500, luckily the warranty covers it for now. After further research, they found out it not a mechanical issue, but its the a computer issue that Nissan needs to address.Called up Nissan Consumer affairs, and they keep saying the same thing- We are looking at this, regional specialist will call you etc etc. Oh, and one another fun fact- 12 Mpg is the most you can get, this is after i tested it on the highway at 60 miles with 1500 RPM. Good luck with finding those magical numbers 15 & 19 MPG!!!

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