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Buick lover who needed this size logo 7/9/2016 Richard Wright

Have only owned this car for three weeks, so do not know how the reliability will be but the warranty is great and have owned other Buicks with no problems. I love the way the dash is lower so that the visibility out front is outstandingly clear. The car is very nimble and the steering is better than my previous Buick Enclave. Plenty of punch with this turbo engine, in fact it hardly acts as a four cylinder engine. The technology is greatly upgraded from my previous 2015 Enclave. Extremely smooth and quiet ride and when coupled with the agility of this car, it seems near perfect. I traded because the Enclave was too large for us but found this size is right for us. The interior is of high quality material and well put together as you would expect of a Buick. If I would find anything on the negative side, it would be the price. The price is too close to the larger Enclave and I expected it to be less, but the intro price was compensated to be fair.

Average Rating : 5


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