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"Bullet Proof?????!!!!!" ...I think NOT!!! logo 7/29/2015 ACM

***Let me preface this review by stating that this vehicle was well maintained, not abused, before and after I bought it*** I've owned my 97 Grand Cherokee Laredo for 5 years now and it has been, by far, the worst vehicle I've ever owned (and I've owned a lot). Let's start with the... Exterior: mine is the green/gold color and the paint has been peeling off of the top and hood since before I bought it (primer failure/paint defect). The driver's door hinge is worn out and the door sags. I went through an automated car wash and the clear plastic face of both head headlights fell off (?!) so I had to replace them. Safety Issues: There is a factory recall because of a chance of the Jeep exploding if hit from the rear (?!) Electrical Issues: The Crankshaft Position Sensor failed (also a common issue with these Jeeps) and left me stranded on a secluded stretch of road for 4 hours - my mechanic thought it was the fuel pump, so I ended up buying a fuel pump AND the CPS. The Jeep developed an issue where it would sporadically stall (usually at the LEAST convenient time and location) and wouldn't crank back up for 2 minutes. After replacing multiple parts over the course of 8 1/2 months and almost getting killed several times as it stalled in the middle of a busy intersection, it was determined that there was a bad connection with a wiring harness that plugs into the Powertrain Control Module (also a design flaw). A series of zip ties and wooden wedges behind the PCM fixed that problem. The instrument lights flicker off and on while driving with the lights on, because of loose electrical connection somewhere. The AC fan only works on the 3 lowest settings (not on High) unless you jiggle the wiring harness behind the glove compartment. Drivetrain: I had to replace the rear axle because the carrier bearing housing broke (and apparently this is common on these jeeps). The transmission slips and leaks. I had to replace the water pump twice, the cooling fan twice and the radiator. I've replaced the starter twice. The freeze plug on the back of the head developed a small leak that I didn't catch until the Jeep ran hot and blew the head gasket and cracked the head (I was in the middle of a long bridge and couldn't pull over). This head freeze plug rusting out is also (supposedly) a design flaw with the 4.0... something about the factory casting sand getting lodged around it, causing it to rust. Other: the carpet on the passenger floorboard is constantly wet because of a design flaw with the ac condenser drain tube. All 5 of the door lock actuators (rear lift gate too) stopped working/disintegrated because they are cheaply made. ...I'm sure I've missed something... there has been so much I've been through with this Jeep... never again will I own a Chrysler product. My Ford Expedition - same year (97) with 250k+ miles... I've owned it for 13 years and I'VE REPLACED THE SPARK PLUGS AND WIRES!!! PERIOD!!!

Average Rating : 2


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