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Bulletproof windshield. logo 6/15/2017

I've owned my Focus ZX3 for nearly 7 years. I bought it used with around 110,000 miles on it for $5000 in 2011. It now has around 151,000 miles on it at the date of this review. I'll admit I've had some brake problems. But I'm not so sure I can blame Ford on that, perhaps the criminals weren't as clever as they thought and Ford outsmarted them as that emergency brake stopped the car when the brakes totally failed, a plus, in my opinion. I've never had any problems with the engine, transmission (manuals are great when getting your car's computer hacked might be a downside on the highway, throw it in neutral, problem solved, right?) has never failed, unlike some GM automatics I've owned ... and the steering is quite precise. I really like how it can accelerate in flat road conditions fairly quickly when shifting properly with high quality tires (Michelin or Bridgestone). However, it can be a bit of a slow one up a high grade road, say I-70 heading towards the Eisenhower Tunnel. But, 4th gear and not pushing the engine is fine, no need to pass anyone except them truckers who should be going slow, you know? All in all, it's been a good car. I got my $5000 worth since owning it. I think an upgrade to the 2017 RS model would be worth considering. The gas mileage for me is less than what's advertised, but I use the clutch to slow the car down rather than ride the brakes. I also tend to downshift for acceleration and having a real tachometer is quite helpful to prevent redlining and blowing up the engine. It doesn't leak oil. The air conditioning has never worked though I've never bothered to get it fixed, it just drags the performance anyways. Having a cabin filter is nice when psychos are spreading chemicals in front of you, just close the windows and push the button. The power steering will still work if there is sabotage, just add that stuff that seals the hose, work your steering wheel a few minutes before driving to get the fluid moving, and drive. The one annoying thing is the check engine light has been on for nearly 4 years now. Good deterrent against would be thieves who've hit the crack pipe too many times. A buy if you can find one. Later haters.I would also add Ford service has been fantastic. The dealership needed a few days to make some repairs that never happen to cars very often (hacked key fob and accelerator cable tampered with which then broke). Though aggravating to be without a running vehicle, they shuttled me to a few key places I had to be at in a brand new Lincoln and picked me up when the car was done with the service. This is as of December, 2017. Thank you again, Ford.

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